If at the end of the day you are married to the one you love,
then everything went perfectly



If at the end of the day you are married to the one you love,
then everything went perfectly



Presently for a marriage to be legally recognised in England & Wales, a registration of marriage must take place first. The legal part of a wedding consists of 3 steps....

Declaratory Words
....I do solemnly declare that I know not of any lawful impediment why I.... may not be joined in matrimony to....

Contracting Words
....I call upon these persons here present to witness that I.... do take thee.... to be my lawful wedded husband/wife/partner

The Signing of the Marriage Register
If you are marrying in a licensed Venue this can be conducted by the Registrar before your Bespoke Ceremony, do however consider the cost implications of this. You may prefer to visit your local Registry Office with two witnesses on a different day. This service can be very short and basic and is quite inexpensive at approx £75 (ask to use the signing room). You do not have to involve the exchange of rings if you donít want to. Once you have done the legal part you can let the fun begin!

You may have already had a Religious Ceremony, Same Sex Marriage/Civil Parnership or destination Wedding and require a separate Wedding Blessing, no problem. You may want to formalise your relationship without becoming legally married and opt for a Commitment Ceremony which will leave no-one in any doubt of your dedication to each other. Whatever your requirement the Ceremony that I write and conduct for you is your big celebration before family and friends that can be seen as your Wedding Day. We can maintain as many of the traditional elements that you wish and incorporate lots of personal elements ensuring a warm and engaging Ceremony having your special day your way. The only thing holding us back is your imagination!

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A Renewal of Vows Ceremony is the perfect way for you to re-affirm your love and commitment to one another. Maybe you are approaching a special and significant anniversary or want to celebrate coming through a tough time? Perhaps you didnít have the dream wedding that you always wanted or you simply loved your Wedding Day so much that you want to relive it again letting everyone know that you are still madly in love! Don't limit yourself to only one Wedding Ceremony!

Whatever the reason the Ceremony will be a personal and unique celebration incorporating your story along with a little humour if at all possible witnessed by family and friends. The heart of the Ceremony is where you re-affirm your vows to one another; you can choose to rededicate your rings, give each other new rings, acknowledge the joy of children or grandchildren and affirm the strength of your vows. This is a wonderfully meaningful ceremony that will be remembered with joy by everyone.

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I like to find out about your love story, what ideas you have for your Ceremony, who your Bridal party are, which guests may be involved, who your suppliers are. You may think this is me just being nosey (it is a little bit as I love a good wedding) but this all really helps make things very personal. If you donít know what you want for your Ceremony please donít panic my service includes giving you lots of ideas gained from the hundreds of weddings I have been involved in.


I will write a Ceremony about the two of you giving you guidance on what will happen and when. I can send sample readings or poems from my extensive library if required. There are no restrictions on re-writing the draft. I won't be upset me if there is something you donít like in the draft, just let me know and I will take it out or rewrite it until we get it 100% right.


I will make contact with your venue to check timings, running order of the day etc. I always try to visit venues whenever possible if I havenít been there before so I can familiarise myself ahead of the day. I like to know which photographers, videographers, musicians or any other suppliers involved during the Ceremony you may be using so I can introduce them at relevant points.


We will have regular email or telephone communication whilst confirming the final order and draft. The final draft must be confirmed no later than one week before your Ceremony. I will then prepare paperwork for the day to include (if required) copies of any readings, vows or poems


I will arrive in plenty of time on the day Ė I will let you know the exact time in the week leading up to your wedding. I will be dressed appropriately to your venue surroundings (subtle colours only!) I will come and have a quick chat to both of you when I get there either separately or together just to put your minds at rest and gently remind you of the running order. I am there to guide you so please donít think you have to remember everything! I will ensure everything is set up and ready and have a quick chat with any guests involved in the Ceremony


After offering you both my warmest congratulations I will present you with a beautiful keepsake presentation folder. In this will be a copy of your Ceremony and a marriage certificate if you have chosen to sign one.

PRICE £350

Price based on a 30 minute ceremony

By making a booking, you enter into a contract with Nichola Collinson (trading as Bespoke Celebrant Ceremonies).

ENQUIRY STAGE: When you make your enquiry, the date will be provisionally held for 14 days pending receipt of your deposit

DEPOSIT: A non-refundable £150 deposit is required to secure the date and time for your ceremony

PAYMENT OF BALANCE: Payment of the outstanding balance is due and requested 8 weeks prior to the ceremony, unless the booking is made with less than 8 weeks to go to the date then payment in full is required in full at time of booking†

CHANGES & CANCELLATIONS: Changes to booking dates and times must be notified in writing and will be accommodated whenever possible but cannot be guaranteed. No cancellations are permitted unless notified in writing by email or letter and the full fee is payable unless the booking can be filled by another client.

ADDITIONAL CHARGES: Any special expenses paid by me, such as additional travel and accommodation expenses. These will be discussed and outlined in full before accepting the booking. Delay to ceremony start and finish, for every hour or part thereof past the agreed starting time £75 will†invoiced.

LATE CHARGES: I regret that in the case of payments outstanding beyond the 8 week deadline, following the first reminder, an administration charge of £10 per week will be applied to the final invoice to cover the cost of additional invoicing and reminders.

REFUND POLICY: It is extremely unlikely that Bespoke Celebrant Ceremonies would ever cancel a Ceremony. However, I will use my best endeavours to find a substitute Celebrant to provide the service in my place. Only if no substitute celebrant can be found will you be entitled to a refund.

LEGALITY OF CEREMONIES: You acknowledge the Wedding Ceremony will not be legally recognised in England and Wales. To formalise the legal requirements you must attend a Registry office (if you desire legal recognition) as outlined on the Ceremonies page. You will have the option of signing a commemorative certificate during your ceremony.† The certificate is intended to be a memento of the occasion and has no legal status.

CONFIDENTIALITY: All Ceremony scripts and correspondence are owned by Nichola Collinson trading as Bespoke Celebrant Ceremonies. Copying, distribution or circulation of scripts by clients is not permitted and all wording remains our property. Scripts cannot be copied or forwarded to wedding planners, friends or family members without our express written consent. Your personal information will always be respected and never shared with third parties.

USE OF IMAGERY/TESTIMONIALS: Please advise if you would prefer not to have any of your ceremony photographs used in print, or electronically.† Images will only be used to illustrate and promote the services provided by†Bespoke Celebrant Ceremonies

Image courtesy of Simply Photographic

Image courtesy of Simply Photographic