Hello my name is Nichola and I’m an Independent Celebrant.

You’re planning a celebration, how exciting!  I could chat all day about your decor, what dress or suit designer is on trend or what food and drink you are serving as I do love a good wedding! But the best part (in my biased opinion) is your ceremony. It’s the reason everyone has gathered to witness you both promising to love each other for a lifetime, so why wouldn’t you want your ceremony to be all about you?

Not sure where to start but you do know that you don’t want……

A dull and boring ceremony

The same old ‘insert name’ kinda script

To have to compromise on anything that is important to you

Include words or meanings that just don’t feel right

And you know you definitely do want a ceremony that…..

Is at a time that suits you in a location that you love

Captures the magic, romance and emotion of your special day

Incorporates your personal beliefs and lifestyle

That’s fun and engaging and matches your vision

Your guests to tell you it was the best ceremony they have ever been to

Well I can absolutely help with that!

I am professionally trained and fully inclusive Celebrant, believing love is love. I have years of experience and I will carefully write a beautiful, bespoke ceremony filled with laughter, fun and celebration, delivered with flair and passion on the day.

My approach is simple, let's get to know each other and find out what you would like. I can offer lots of suggestions allowing you to incorporate everything thats important to you. By you doing the legal paperwork separately it gives us the freedom to craft something totally unique bringing your ceremony choices right up to date.

I am recommended by some stunning venues across Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Essex and Suffolk and have received fantastic reviews from my couples which has led me to winning an award which I am very proud of.

If you would like to chat with someone that is passionate about your ceremony, has a love of Gin, talking and Pinterest stalking we may be a good match! Interested to see if I would bring the right vibe? Click this button and lets have a chat.


Image courtesy of Guy Waller Photography