❝ Have faith in your journey. Everything had to happen
exactly as it did to get you where you are going next ❞

— Mandy Hale


I am very lucky to have met and married my soul mate. I feel very blessed to have had continued love, support and guidance since the very first day of meeting him. He has taught me so much and I look forward to growing old(er!) with him. We have enjoyed watching our sons and daughters grow into caring and considerate adults and their achievements have filled us both with pride.

With all that family life has brought to me I consider myself to be experienced in a myriad of job roles; secretary / mediator / negotiator / financial controller / housekeeper / chef to name but a few! These particular roles have been salaried by love but have led me in good stead in my career in the Hospitality Industry.

I have worked in a variety of different roles within the Industry but have for the last 20 years worked as a Wedding and Events Coordinator at a variety of different venues including a Golf Club, Country House Hotel, Barn Venue and even a Castle! I have approached every single event with a great sense of pride of being included in such an important event.

I am passionate about everything I do and I honestly feel that the key to my success is my ability to communicate, my keen attention to detail, organization and creativity.

My experience from Coordinating hundreds of weddings has given me a wonderful understanding of how to ensure couples have exactly what they want from their most special day and I was able to deliver this in terms of setting up and running the day. The one area however that we were unable to personalise was the Ceremony, in my opinion the most important part of the day. I had experienced a Celebrant led Wedding and I knew this was exactly what I wanted to do.

I undertook a residential Personal Tuition Programme with the UK Society of Celebrants and gained a Diploma in Family and Funeral Celebrancy. This was an intensive programme of 12/14 hour days but I loved every minute. I learnt the skills to write beautiful and bespoke ceremonies concentrating entirely on the brief given whilst conducting 'interviews' during the course. I am very proud to have achieved top marks on the Ceremonies I had written and gained some valuable feedback from the Lecturer.

2014 was a tough year for me and our entire family. My Mum passed away suddenly a week before Christmas at the age of 62. Not something that I, or any of the family had prepared for. Although a very difficult time, I can honestly say I took great comfort that I was able to use my attributes to organise a Celebration of her life, of which I am sure she would have approved of.

I sat down and had a long hard look at my life, realising that life truly is too short and I wanted to concentrate on the things that I really love....my husband, my children and grandchildren, my family and friends, travel and the job that I love so much, life celebrations.

I was able to change by work/life balance allowing me to offer Bespoke Celebrant Ceremonies.

I am loving this new chapter in my life. The last gift from my Mum was giving me the courage to do it.